Music Classes for Strings & Violin

Taught from an aural perspective and developed around Christchurch Music Academy’s holistic Listen-Sing-Play-Read-Write approach, our specialised violin lessons & classes have been expertly developed to provide young musicians with a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of string instruments and musicianship.

The Encore-On-Strings curriculum has been developed to provide an enhanced awareness of rhythm and pitch through exposure to high quality aural models and begins with the essentials of learning about the instrument. Due emphasis is placed on good posture as the foundation for a reliable technical setup. Illustrations show students the fundamental points for positioning the instrument to achieve a well balanced and aligned stance or sitting position. Students are also guided on how to form a balanced and flexible bow hold. An awareness of the relationship between tone quality, resonance, secure pitch and technique is ongoing throughout. Speed variable backing tracks provide an aural model for students to play along with to ensure optimum engagement & achievement.

Our fun and innovative Encore-on-Strings violin lessons are based on our renowned Listen-Sing-Play-Read-Write philosophy & provide an understanding of:

  • The layout of the violin
  • Tone quality, secure pitch & resonance
  • Technical skill development
  • Note reading and musical theory
  • Finger maps to confirm finger patterns and to provide a visual model for students
  • Advanced bowing technique
  • Rhythm and rhythmic notation

Christchurch Music Academy’s Strings and Violin classes offer comprehensive and engaging learning and training; specifically developed to meet the unique developmental needs of children aged 6+ years.

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Encore on Strings Bk 1Encore on Strings Bk 2