Music Classes for Mini Maestros

Developed especially for children aged 3 years, our Mini Maestros classes are unique in that they embed pitch, rhythm and musical note reading from a young age.

Offering an introduction to Christchurch Music Academy’s Listen-Sing-Play-Read-Write approach, Mini Maestros classes incorporate singing, movement, dance, action songs, plus the use of percussion and instruments to teach key fundamental musical concepts – with an emphasis on FUN!

Mini Maestros offers a fun and engaging introduction to:

  • The layout of the piano and tuned instruments
  • Note names & their associated pitch
  • Note reading, rhythmic note values & percussion
  • Singing, aural & pitch training to develop the 'musical ear' (a gift for life)
  • An introduction to the musical stave and other key musical concepts
  • Movement to music to internalize the concept of rhythm as well as to develop gross motor skills & co-ordination.
  • Music appreciation & exposure to several genres of music

Key Benefits of Mini Maestros:

  • Aids in the development of fine & gross motor skills, cognitive and physical abilities plus enhances brain function
  • Improves memory & language capabilities
  • Creates an intrinsic understanding of rhythm & pitch from an early age

Mini-Maestros is appropriate for the first-time beginner student or as the next installment in the Kinder Beat series, for those children who have progressed through our Treble-Tots preschool music course.  You will be astounded by how much your little-one will learn!

Christchurch Music Academy Mini Maestros classes are limited to a maximum of 10 students per class, are 45 minutes in duration and are attended once per week with a parent or caregiver. Our Book & CD Set is $49.50 & includes the free soft toy 'Kinder Roo & Joey' to ensure a fully interactive experience for your child!  At 4 yrs old or earlier your child will be ready to move onto our next course programme 'Kinder Keys'. 

Learn more about our unique approach now, or contact us to make an enquiry.

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