Music Classes for Primary Piano

 Offering an engaging multi-genre approach to piano and musicianship, our Primary Piano classes follow the expertly developed Encore-on-Keys Primary Series which is streamlined to help your child achieve more in a shorter time frame.

Building upon our revolutionary Listen-Sing-Play-Read-Write approach to accelerate learning, our Primary Piano classes will help your child build an excellent foundation for piano whilst developing their general musical intelligence.  Utilising a unique whole-pattern method to result in faster learning, students become skilled musicians. This holisitic course develops well-rounded musicians as opposed to students who just read and play.

Multi-sensory teaching strategies ensure that all learning styles are well supported.  The learning sequence is carefully structured to cater to the 7-10 year old age bracket utilising pieces from varied genres to create learning which is stimulating, FUN and ensures students achieve to their full potential.

Our contemporary and multi-genre Primary Piano classes involve:

  • Piano playing with emphasis on correct technique
  • Repertoire pieces – multi-genre solo pieces including classical, baroque, waltz, rock, pop, & jazz
  • Technical exercises & games to develop dexterity & reinforce finger patterns within an engaging setting 
  • Singing & aural training to foster pitch and to build an aural library of melodic patterns to accelrate learning
  • Fun percussion exercises to internalize rhythm, develop two-handed coordination & rhythm reading skills 
  • Keyboard harmony, including chord playing skills, transposition & improvisation
  • Group games to nurture note reading and to reinforce theoretical concepts within an enjoyable format
  • Ensemble playing  to develop part playing skills and to teach students how to interact together musically
  • Performance opportunities to grow confidence.

Our Primary Piano course is limited to a maximum of 8 students per class, is 45 minutes in duration and is attended once per week. Our studios are equipped with a digital piano for each student plus we supply a range of instruments, props & resources to support learning.  Our colourful Book & CD Set is $49.50 which includes a free set of flash cards for home use to ensure maximum benefit. 

There are two books in the Encore- On-Keys Primary series, with each unit designed to span approximately 3-4 school terms.  The duration of the whole course is eighteen months to two years.   At completion your child will be ready to move onto our  advanced course programme 'Encore - On- Keys Achiever Series'.  

Learn more about our curriculum now, or contact us to make an enquiry.

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