Music Classes for Tweens & Teens Piano

 Developed for beginners aged 11 – 14 years, our engaging and modern Tweens and Teens Piano classes focuses on a streamlined learning progression to rapidly develop foundation skills, so that students can graduate onto our advanced Achiever Piano classes in a timely way.   

Drawing upon our holistic approach to learning, Christchurch Music Academy’s Tweens and Teens Piano classes encompass a wide range of genres and musical styles and have been expertly developed to appeal to youth interests and to help young musicians rapidly achieve learning outcomes.

Our engaging, multi-genre Tweens and Teens Piano classes involve:

  • Piano playing with emphasis on correct technique
  • Repertoire pieces – multi-genre solo pieces covering a wide range of styles including pop & rock to appeal to this age group
  • Finger 'Zips' small pieces to develop keyboard skills on a micro level
  • Finger 'Tap' exercises to to develop dexterity & reinforce finger patterns within an engaging setting 
  • By Ear Playing to connect piano playing with aural perception 
  • Percussion exercises to internalize rhythm, develop two-handed coordination & rhythmic reading skills 
  • Keyboard harmony including chord playing skills, transposition & improvisation
  • Group games to nurture note reading and to reinforce theoretical concepts
  • Ensemble playing  to develop part playing skills and to teach students how to interact together musically
  • Worksheets - to reinforce theoretical concepts and enhance music reading skills
  • Performance opportunities to grow confidence

Our Tweens & Teens piano classes are limited to a maximum of 8 students per class, are 45 minutes in duration and classes are attended once per week. Our studios are equipped with a digital piano for each student plus we supply a range of percussion, instruments & resources to support theoretical & rhythmic learning.  Our course Book & CD Set is $49.50 and includes a practice CD with variable tempos for at-home practice & progression. Students work through two course books with the course designed to span approximately one school year.  At completion your child will be ready to move onto our advanced course programme 'Encore - On- Keys Achiever Series'.  Students may also wish to join one of our performance groups such as Teen band or Tween band, to further progress with their learning.

Learn more about our curriculum now, or contact us to make an enquiry.

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