Music Classes for Advanced Piano Course

Because our graduate students have developed a strong foundation of musical skills, they are successfully able progress to our comprehensive 'Achiever Series' advanced piano course. Designed to take students to a higher level of technical proficiency & creative flair, the Achiever piano curriculum is carefully graded so performance pieces and technical skills are structured closely in line with most internationally recognised grade examination syllabi.

Our Achiever advanced piano course is designed to help our students reach their goals faster.  At the completion of the series, students will have achieved a playing standard equivalent to at least grade 3 (if not grade 4).   Our graduates are able to skip straight to a minimum examination level of practical grade 3 upon completion of this course.

Our comprehensive Advanced Piano classes involve:

  • Repertoire Pieces – solo performance pieces in a variety of styles with particular emphasis on technical development
  • Piano Duets and Ensemble playing to develop part-playing skills, encourage group interaction and to work as a cohesive musical unit
  • Piano / Keyboard Harmony to cultivate skills relating to tonality and harmony, as well as to understand chord relationships and structure
  • Finger Zips for technical skill development in a variety of keys
  • Improvisation & Composition to foster creativity and to create an advanced breadth of musicianship
  • Chord Sight Reading this assists with reading contemporary music charts to create a well rounded, successful musician
  • Scales and Cadence Chord Playing to confirm tonal and technical relationships
  • Advanced Theoretical Learning - to build upon earlier knowledge gained and to understand the correlation and practical application of theoretical concepts 
  • Sight Reading to build essential reading skills for successful musicianship
  • Performance Opportunities at an advanced level to grow confidence

Christchurch Music Academy’s Advanced Piano classes offer progressive learning and training, specifically developed to meet the needs of pianists who are already proficient in fundamentals and wish to continue developing their skills.

Our Achiever piano classes are limited to a maximum of 8 students per class, are 60 minutes in duration, attended once per week. Our studios are equipped with a digital piano for each student plus we supply a range of resources to support learning.  Our course Book & CD Sets are $49.50 and include a practice CD with variable tempos for at-home progression. Students work through four course books in total.  At completion the student will be ready to move into individual piano lessons and will be well prepared to enter the practical piano grade examination system at a minimum of Grade 3 level (if this is their goal), omitting earlier grade assessments due to their robust foundation of practical & theoretical skills. 

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