Music Classes for Group Drumming & Percussion

Grouped by age, our engaging and dynamic group drumming & percussion lessons are designed to provide children aged 5 – 10 an introduction to drumming, percussion and to fundamental rhythmic concepts.

Drawing upon Christchurch Music Academy’s holistic Listen-Sing-Play-Read- Write approach, our group drumming & percussion classes will teach your child how to feel, read & understand the role of rhythm within music whilst developing their intrinsic sense of timing.

Our fun and expertly developed group drumming classes provide an introduction to:

  • The snare drum and the drum kit
  • The use of un-tuned percussion instruments
  • An understanding of the concept of rhythm in music
  • Interacting musically within a group and the role of the drummer in music
  • Limb isolation and coordination

Christchurch Music Academy’s Drumming & percussion classes offer comprehensive, intrinsically musical and FUN learning and training, specifically developed to meet the unique developmental needs of 5 to 10 year olds.

Our drumming classes are limited to a maximum of 4 students per group, are 30 minutes in duration for our junior students ages 5 - 6 and 45 minutes in duration for all other classes.  After this one-year introductory group course to learn the fundamentals, students are ready to move into individual drum lessons. 

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